Night life and clubbing seems inextricably linked to “singleness”. Here at MUM CLUB, we wanted to honour the lovers who made it through winter, with our romance-themed DATE NIGHT party. Whether you’re in the honeymoon phase, or four years deep, leave your inhibitions at the door, neglect your Netflix watchlist for one night and come and party with an equal-opportunities club night. And hey, if you’re single, that’s cool too.

Think Jets vs. Sharks. Think John Cusack in Say Anything.Think Grease. Think Bye-Bye Birdie. Think My Girl. Think no regrets in the morning.

DJ’s Chewie Lewis, and Tina Turntables will set the bar aurally, and if they don’t get you dancing, Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes will take the stage at approximately 11:38pm, and they’ve promised us a slow dance number.

Backbar hosted by THE DATE CLUB ||

The Date Club Presents: Pillow Talk. A celebration of romance in all its forms (all the single ladies! And dudes. And couples. Just whatever you're into.) Join artists/curators/ladies/DJs Victoria and Jess for an evening of sexy (some maybe not that sexy) tunes in the back bar. 

Dressing to theme = 1/2 price
Couples in 1/2 price
Prizes for best dressed.

Babyshakes shows at MUM have always been rammed, so make sure you get down early.