True Love Will Find You In The End Workshop / 
In Good Company / 8th April / 5.30-8pm

True Love Will Find You In The End is a light-hearted writing workshop in which participants will be given the opportunity to write letters to individuals of their choice. Upon finishing their letter participants must ceremoniously shred their writing. As such, the workshop is intended as a relational/performance piece. The act of writing and shredding gives an opportunity for participants to either confront or expel memories from their past. Letters can be written to old friends, lovers, crushes, colleagues, family members, celebrities or whomever the participant wishes to concentrate their sentiment and energy on. 

All are welcome to attend. Pens & paper will be provided. If you can not make it to the scheduled time, the shredder will be available for use in the gallery until the 10th April should you desperately need it.